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Please enter the overall total width & length of your Korniche roof lantern, then press Resize.
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Roof Lanterns
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Guide for measuring your roof lantern

The lantern will stand on an upstand that your roofer will create, usually out of wood, covered by the roof's weatherproof membrane.
Recommended upstand sizes are 150mm height, and a minimum of 69mm width which is the width of the base of the lantern eaves. Please see the upstand diagram and video on this page.

When entering the dimensions of your lantern, you should provide the external dimensions of your upstand and the fitted water proof membrane. Plus 12mm in both length and width to give you a 6mm overhang all around.


Upstand (inc Membrane):1840 x 1220 mm
+ Overhang:    12 x      12 mm
Total order size:1852 x 1232 mm

It is the responsibility of the installer to determine the finishing detail of the inside. If you need any further help, why not take a few photos and email them to us for specific advice.

Please note: We are unable to accept responsibility for incorrect measurements. If you are unsure we recommend that you consult a professional installer/builder.

Roof Lanterns