Window Details


All window frames are made to measure.

  • Sizes stated should be the overall frame size including any cill and frame extensions (if required).
  • All dimensions to be supplied in Metric.
  • All frame styles are viewed from outside.
  • We do not make any fitting allowances on the sizes you provide. The size you state will be the size we manufacture.
Frame Width (mm)

Frame Height (mm)

Sizes stated should be the overall frame size including any cill and frame extensions (if required).

External Cill:

All external cills are 30mm high and will need to be included in the overall height.

85mm stub cill
The stub cill protrudes just 15mm from the external window frame.

85mm stub cill

150mm standard cill
The most common and standard cill size covers most applications. Protrudes 80mm from the external window frame.

150mm cill

180mm cill
If your windows are set further back into the brickwork then you may require the oversized cill which protrudes 110mm from the window frame.

180mm cill

A frame extender allows you to increase the thickness of the window frame. Useful for properties with deep plaster, render or tiles. 10mm, 20mm and 50mm extensions are available.

Remember, if you require any extensions, these need to be included in the overall dimensions.

Frame Extensions (add on's)

Left Top Right
Frame Colours

Please choose a colour:

Windows are available in white, coloured woodgrain effect upvc both sides or coloured woodgrain outside and white inside.

Oak Both Sides
Rosewood Both Sides
Anthracite Grey/White
Chartwell Green/White
Cream Both Sides
White-Grain Both Sides
Irish Oak Both Sides
Agate Grey/White
Glazing & Energy Rating
Please choose a glass pattern:

Window Energy Rating (WER)

Triple Glazing A++

Additional Glass Options:

Toughened glass is upto 5 times as strong as ordinary glass. Toughened safety glass should be fitted in all windows or glazed areas that are lower than 800mm from the floor level.

Laminated glass consists of two pieces of glass containing a sandwich of plastic interlayer. Offering additional protection as the glass cannot be broken into. It's the same glass found in car windscreens and shop fronts.

We offer an array of decorative Georgian Bar designs. The internal bars are fitted within the sealed unit and 18mm thick as standard, available in our extensive range of colours to match the window frame profile.

We offer an array of external Astragal Bar designs. The external bars are fitted to the exterior of the sealed unit with a back to back spacer which creates the affect of individual window panes, available in our extensive range of colours to match the window frame profile.

external astragal bars

We offer 9mm decorative square lead on the external pane of glass.

We offer 9mm decorative diamond lead on the external pane of glass.

Additional Options

As standard, windows are fitted with dual action espag roller cams providing a high security locking system.

Shootbolt Upgrade
The optional shootbolt locking system provides exceptional security using a combination of steel roller cams and shootbolts and is guaranteed against mechanical failure for 10 years.

PAS 24:2016 accredited and Police preferred specification - the highest level of protection against forced entry.

Our shootbolt locking systems are covered by a guarantee of up to £7,500* in the event of a break-in.

sac window shootbolt

Trickle vents allow you to control ventilation and air circulation, helping to reduce condensation and mould. They provide you with a small amount of fresh air into the building without letting a lot of heat escape.

15th June 2022 Part F (ventilation) Changes

If there are already vents fitted on the original windows, then you can fit the same sized vents on the new windows. For example, 2500mm2 EA vents can be replaced with 2500mm2 EA vents or higher. Just remember that the airflow cannot be decreased.

If the existing windows do not have vents, then the replacement windows must have vents fitted to meet the requirements of the revised Approved Document F. For houses in England, that means a minimum airflow of 8000mm2 EA in habitable rooms and 4000mm2 EA in non-habitable rooms.

All windows for new build properties and extensions are required to have adequate background ventilation whether this is by trickle vents, purge ventilation or extraction.

The installation pack includes a selection of universal frame and glazing packers, large 120mm self tapping frame screws (no rawl plugs required) and self tapping cill screws. Fixing screws for extension pieces will also be supplied if required.

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